Friday, 25 July 2014

Baking Soda!!!!!

I am still struggling with greasy hair...the vinegar worked for a while but its not as effective as I hoped it would be; and it really doesn't smell that great, like fish and chips.  So I went researching online again for home remedies to rid myself of this grease monkey on the top of my head.  I found 2 ladies who blogged about it and to my amazement discovered that BAKING SODA does the trick.

The picture above belongs to a fellow mommy blogger and you can read about how she deals with greasy hair at MYHEALTHYGREENFAMILY hope the information there helps...I will be trying it soon.  Another blog I found with useful information is ECONEST where the blogger tells of how to detox ones hair!!!!

I so love GOOGLE!!!!!!! Whoop Whoop!!!!!


Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Bohemian Goth

Bohemian Goth

If I had my way...THIS is what I would be rocking today...just cause I can...relaxed...chilled...and easy going!


Monday, 21 July 2014

Lost Innocence...

It saddens my heart to have heard of the death of a four year old boy, victim to a car hijacking in the city of Johannesburg (Gauteng) in South Africa.  Taegrin Morris, pictured above as a toddler, was caught in the straps of the seat belt he was wearing when his mother and siblings managed to escape from the car.  He was then subsequently dragged for several kilometers according to news reports.  He later succumbed to his injuries and his little body found near the abandoned vehicle.

In a separate incident, a five year old toddler who was also in the vehicle with her father when it was hijacked, was found a few days later unharmed.

This breaks my heart...what must be going through the mind of this little boys mother!  The pain and anguish of knowing that your little boy met with such a painful death!!!! It's unimaginable to most mother's yet it is this mother's reality today.  What pain this little boy had to endure in those last moments before his death.  Community members, who are tired of inefficient police services are now wanting to take matters into their own hands!

My prayer is that the mother and family of Taegrin Morris would find peace and comfort which, in my mind, can only come from God.

RIP Taegrin...


Friday, 18 July 2014

A call to free Palestine...

I don't get how people can pain others so much!?!? Why...Whyyyyy!?!??!

I've been trying to follow all the updates on #Palestine and I'm in tears, angry tears everytime...

I was fortunate to venture to #Palestine with Wah Seema some moons ago and it was life changing to say the least. With all its colour, aromatic scents, dusty hill tops, amazing falafels and just about the most beautiful people is, and I can say this first hand...a love nest fuelled by family, humility and solidarity, regardless of religion and ethnicity...REGARDLESS of religion and ethnicity!

Until now I struggled to voice my experiences, I was not sure how to. As much as I remember feeling so blessed to share love with so many amazing, I still today cannot shake those sights that kept me from recalling my journey...

I remember seeing Palestinian children playing in the debris of missiles that freshly demolished their community.

I remember not being able to make eye contact with Israeli soldiers, passing check points upon check points - wanting to wet my pants at every occasion. Teenage soldiers...cold to the bone.

I remember rifles being forced into the faces of respectful, well educated Palestinian citizens, embarrassed to their core for no reason other than forgetting their pass.

I remember with others being interrogated time and time again for fear of being a threat.

I remember looking up and all I saw was barbed wire covering a town, designed as a walkway for Israeli soldiers looking down on Palestinian with cold rifles - one wrong move and...

I remember feeling HATRED at the sight of a wall so large and unnecessary.I'm not sure how living like this can be justified. It's inhumane! Literally boxing a nation and controlling the air they allowed to breathe. People are dying, children are being murdered at the price of what...really...why I ask again!?!!!?

I'm not sure, but for me it's difficult sleeping at night, knowing that so much heartache and pain exists.

Until that time when all steps up and the cloth falls off the eyes of the those that has the power to facilitate change...

May Peace Rain on #Gaza
May her Children be Guarded
and her Leaders Guided.
Written by Andrea (AJ) Castle...

My first guest blogger and fellow Social worker...

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Hair care made simple: Oily Hair...

If you are like me and you suffer from oily will be happy to know that there are cheap and affordable solutions to remedy this problem....and where can you find them?  Right there in your kitchen cupboard!

#1: Vinegar: Add 2 table spoons to 1 cup of water and use to rinse your hair, an effective way to decrease excess oil; or

#2: Lemon juice: Mix the juice of one lemon (trained) to one cup of water and rinse; or

#3: Cider Vinegar: In a small basin of water add 1/4 cup of cider vinegar and soak before rinsing with warm water or place the mixture in a spray bottle and spray through your and rinse, this helps control shampoo build up; or

#4: Alcohol: Any alcoholic drink will have a drying effect.  Add 1 shot glass of alcohol to a couple cups of water and rinse as normal...RINSE...not DRINK; or

#5: Tea: As simple as that rinse your hair in diluted tea as tea contains tannic acid, which acts as an astringent; or

#6: Beer: Like mentioned above alcohol has a drying effect and therefore beer too which cleans right down to your scalp, and leaves your hair with lovely shine;

There you go! Six useful tips to help bring your oily hair under did not have to go far and you need not have burnt a hole in your pocket with having to purchase expensive branded products.  Life made Simple.


Monday, 7 July 2014

Shingle bells Shingle bells Shingles all the way...

I was diagnosed with Shingles last week and spent a good couple of days resting in bed.  It is generally an infection of a nerve area caused by the varicella-zoster virus.   Geewhizz...sounds like a monstrous has monstrous pain though!  Its the first time I have had this condition and I hope it will be the last.

My rash was pretty much contained to a small area on my back along my pelvic area.  Pretty sore and the scabbing ain't glorious looking either.  What bites the most is the little shock waves of pain on random areas of my a really highly intensified bite from a flea or some spider.  I compare it to being tasered slightly.

I am back at work and feeling a little slow...delayed...really delayed...but getting back into action is most probably the best cure going forward.  My doctor strongly prescribed a lifestyle change...not very easy for some one who suffers GAD and depression...BUT...its doable...everything is doable if you put your heart mind and soul into it.  I would love to see a lifestyle change take place...I would love to incorporate outdoor activities and the like even if the weather is ghastly outside.

Let's hope I make the mind that I can be healthier and keep the Shingles at bay...


Thursday, 3 July 2014


There is a revamp taking place on this blog. First thing to change is the name of the blog. More to follow.